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Routing to the Exchange


SFE Gateways can connect to the Exchange host through ASX Net. ASX Net provides access to the ASX 24 futures trading platform.

ASX installs and manages all network connects and equipment within the Users premise for ASX Net.

Users must work with the exchange to arrange the initial installation of all ASX-provided equipment.


ASX 24 includes access to the ASX Grains market.

Exchange-Provided Servers

Some of the exchange-provided infrastructure to connect via ASX Net includes:

  • ASX managed fibre connection
  • ASX Communication Routers (for their Gateway in Cabinet (GIC)) solutions
  • ASX Switches
  • ASX exchange Gateways

For additional details on infrastructure requirements, refer to the ASX Connectivity Distributed Services Technical Guide at:

For general information on the ASX Net, refer to

Network Configuration - Customer Site

The following diagram illustrates the network architecture between the trader and the Exchange host.

ASX Co-Location - Australian Liquidity Centre

The exchange provides an optional co-location facility called the Australian Liquidity Centre. Users may obtain an external connection via either:

  • The ASX Net: provided as a 1 Gbit/s dedicated service and does not require a cross connect.
  • A Network Service Provider: any service provider that terminates their services in an exchange ‘Meet Me Room’ (MMR).

For an overview of the Australian Liquidity Centre, visit the exchange website at:

For more details on establishing a connection, refer to the ASX ALC Tech Guide at: