Initial Configuration

Time and Time Zone

Set the machine that hosts the TT SGX Gateway to run in (GMT+8:00) Singapore Standard Time zone and time. You must turn-off the Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes setting.

Member, Group, and Trader ID Format

Each TTORD trader must be mapped to a direct trader’s account. If a TTORD trader submits a trade with a different account, the TT SGX Gateway rejects the transaction. When mapping proxy traders to a direct exchange trader’s account, you must use the following conventions:

  • Member: TTORD
  • Group: TTT (User-defined)
  • Trader: 001 (User-defined)

Order and Site Order Keys

TT SGX Gateways install with the following default Site Order Key range: 0S0000-0SZZZZ.


When you first install the TT SGX Gateway, the exchange provides passwords for that gateway. Passwords expire every 60 days and the TT SGX Gateway creates new user passwords. This process is seamless and requires no client intervention.


To avoid accidentally overwriting your passwords, TT recommends you keep the hostinfo.cfg file closed when operating the TT SGX Gateway. If you experience password-related login problems, you should request new passwords from the exchange.


If the password reset event coincides with a network outage event, the new user password created by the TT SGX Gateway may not be saved to the hostinfo.cfg file. If this occurs, contact the exchange and request to have the password reset, then manually update all relevant sections in the hostinfo.cfg file.