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Exchange Background, Interface, and Restrictions

Exchange Background

The Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Inc., or TOCOM, deals in futures and options trading of precious metals, rubber, aluminum, and oil. TOCOM was founded in 1951 with the launch of the Tokyo Textile Exchange, which later merged with the Tokyo Rubber Exchange and the Tokyo Gold Exchange, forming today’s TOCOM. TOCOM, which was demutualized December 1, 2008, is currently Japan’s largest commodity exchange, handling over 64% of all commodity futures transactions.


You can find the preceding information on the TOCOM website at

Required Connection Information

Before you can install a TOCOM Gateway, you must work with the Exchange to complete the following:

  • Obtain an ID from the Exchange for the Price connection.
  • Obtain a separate ID from the Exchange for each Order connection.
  • Obtain the connection IP address and port for the Price and Order connections.
  • Create and register Sub Accounts with the Exchange

TOCOM Login User IDs may be used for either Price or Order connections.

Exchange API Interface

TOCOM uses the CLICK XT provided by NASDAQ OMex (Version 19.3-0300). CLICK XT’s OMnet is an Open API that allows its members to interact directly with OMX software.

Exchange Restrictions

The following lists various Exchange restrictions and unique Exchange behavior:

  • Line Capacity: One Mbps of line capacity for each Login User ID.
  • Line Capacity: 50 Login User IDs per line. This limitation is based on a single pair of Exchange-side Network Gateways.
  • Maximum Order Throughput: Each Login User ID is limited to 200 orders per 10 seconds.