TT User Setup

Configuring Risk

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

  To configure risk...

  1. On the New Gateway Logins or Edit Gateway Logins window, check Add to Guardian. The Risk Check option is checked by default.

  2. Enter or edit data in the Risk Check, Credit, Currency, Trading allowed, Ignore P&L, and Risk Check fields as needed. If traders using this gateway login need to have a different credit limit for TT SIM trading, check the Override credit for TT SIM checkbox and enter the TT SIM credit limit into the TT SIM credit field.
  3. In the Product Limits section, click New Product Limit.

    The New Product Limit window appears.

  4. If this product limit applies only to TT SIM trading, check the Use Product Limit for TT SIM only checkbox. When creating TT SIM product limits you must enter a specific Product; you cannot enter a wildcard (*).
  5. Select an available Gateway and Product type, enter an applicable Product, set the Margin and Additional Margin %, set the Maximum order quantity, Maximum position, and Maximum long/short, and then check or uncheck the Trade Out allowed option. Enter 0 to reset the Maximum order quantity, Maximum position, and Maximum long/shortto unlimited.
  6. Click Save.

    For more detailed information, refer to the Configuring Gateway Login Risk , Creating Product Limits for Gateway Logins, and Creating TT SIM Credit Limits and Product Limits topics.