ICE Futures Singapore to Launch with Five New Contracts

Effective Tuesday, November 17th, ICE will launch the new ICE Futures Singapore market. These products will be matched in the ICE Chicago matching engine. Customers wishing to trade these products should contact the ICE Exchange to confirm that their IDs are enabled to trade them.

TT Impact

Customers should perform the following steps on any US-based ICE Gateways before the start of the Production Test Order Submission period beginning on November 11th:

  • Replace the existing MulticastGroups.cfg file within the <drive letter>:\tt\config directory with the updated file available on the TT Download Center.
  • Add the following multicast group to the ICE Gateway hostinfo.cfg file:
    • MulticastGroupXX=SingaporeFutures
  • New tag 440 (Account) and tag 439 (Give Up) are required to trade the ICE Singapore products. Customers must contact the exchange for this information.
  • Verify that the MarketTypeID parameter in the ICE Gateway hostinfo.cfg file contains the values listed in the table below:

Note: There is no minimum ICE Gateway version to trade this market.

ICE FUTURES SINGAPORE Production Test Order Submission

While the official launch date for the ICE Futures Singapore Exchange is November 17, 2015, in order to permit clients an opportunity to ensure production operational readiness for day one of the go-live, the Exchange intends to support order submission by trading participants in the ICE Futures Singapore markets for an extended Pre-Open period in the Production trading environment prior to the 1st official day of trading on November 11th and 12th.

Extended Pre-Open Test Schedule:

ICE Market Operations will cancel any/all open orders that are in ICE Futures Singapore markets after the conclusion of each pre-open session.

Prior to the launch of the ICE Singapore contracts on November 17th, customers should ensure that there are no outstanding orders remaining in the book which were placed during the testing period.