ICE World Cotton Futures Launch

Effective Monday, November 2nd, ICE will launch the new World Cotton Futures market. These products will be matched in the ICE Chicago matching engine. Customers wishing to trade these products should contact the ICE Exchange to confirm that their IDs are enabled to trade them.

TT Impact

Customers should perform the following steps on any US-based ICE Gateways before the start of trading on Monday, November 2nd:

  • Replace the existing MulticastGroups.cfg file within the <drive letter>:\tt\config directory with the updated file available on the TT Download Center.
  • Ensure that the following multicast group is present, or add it to the ICE Gateway hostinfo.cfg file:
  • Verify that the MarketTypeID parameter in the ICE Gateway hostinfo.cfg file contains the values listed in the table below:

Note: There is no minimum ICE Gateway version to trade this market.