Data Scientist

Location: US-IL-Chicago

We are seeking a strong data science generalist with a background in computer science and either applied math or statistics to join our team of artificial intelligence system developers as a Data Scientist.



In this role, you can expect the full lifecycle of data science — everything from project ideation and data collection through modeling, results presentation, productionization, and model refinement.



  • Java — You don’t have to be a Java expert (we have plenty of these), but you should be capable of reading and processing data from a text file or REST endpoint, writing classes, working with time-series data, and writing jUnit tests.
  • Python, pandas, scikit-learn, and your favorite data visualization library.
  • Experience processing data using a “big data” platform that uses the map-reduce processing pattern (Spark, Hadoop, H2O, dask, etc.).
  • Experience processing large CSV and JSON datasetsMachine learning:
  • Be able to explain the math and logic of your work to non-technical people in a way that they understand. This is admittedly a “squishy” requirement, but it is the most important requirement of all – because selling any AI product requires establishing customer trust in our methods. For example, the typical customer of our trade surveillance product is a lawyer, and the system is explicitly designed as a first step towards detecting potentially criminal behavior. We explain our calculations to customers in English, math, and code.
  • Be able to work with various model types: classifier models, regression models, unsupervised models, time-series models, etc..
  • Be familiar with common modeling trade-offs.

Math and Statistics:

  • Basic linear algebra – mainly matrix math and solving systems of linear equations.
  • Multivariable calculus.
  • How to explore the statistical properties of data — visualize the distribution of attributes/features, test for Gaussian distribution, test for stationarity, check independence assumptions, detect outliers, etc..
  • Familiarity with Markov processes.


  • Familiarity with Git and Github.
  • Basic familiarity with Linux and SSH.
  • Basic familiarity with data security/privacy practices. In our surveillance product, our input data is confidential; our outputted results are extremely confidential.
  • You take ownership of your work, for good and for ill.
  • You learn independently, yet aren’t afraid to ask for help when stuck.
  • Nice-to-haves, in descending order of necessity:
  • Any experience with the platform (distributed in-memory machine learning).
  • Trading industry experience and/or familiarity.
  • Any experience communicating/presenting to C-level executives and/or lawyers.
  • Familiarity with network analysis.
  • Familiarity with signal processing.
  • Familiarity with hidden Markov models.
  • Other data science languages: R, Scala, etc..
  • Familiarity developing multithreaded distributed systems.
  • Any experience with differential equations (especially stochastic PDEs) may eventually be useful.
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