May 15th: Decommission of CME MSGW Phase 1 Sessions

Starting Sunday, May 15, 2016, CME Group will no longer allow Phase 1 MSGW sessions to enter TAS orders.  As of this date, customers who trade TAS products must use CGW or MSGW Phase 2 sessions to trade TAS markets. For further information, please see the May 2nd Globex Notice.

TT Impact:

TT Customers should take note of the following:

  • -Customers should comment out or remove all MSGW Phase 1 sessions from their CME<flavorname>hostinfo.cfg file.
  • -When configuring a Phase 2 MSGW session, all orders on the associated iLink session (including FA orders, X_TRADER® API, TTAPI, Synthetic SE, Autospreader® SE and Algo SE orders) should be deleted or put on hold. If left working, these orders will become unmanageable by the client while they are still working at the exchange, and fills will not be received from the exchange.
  • -Note that changes to the cme-msgws.cfg file are required in order to support MSGW Phase 2 sessions. A modified file can be found, here, for customer use.


Further information on configuring your CME Gateway for MSGW phase 2 may be found here.

Should you have further questions, please contact your local TAM.