May 21: Changes to NYSE Liffe (Euronext) Standing Data Transmission

Beginning May 21, 2016, Euronext will no longer disseminate XDP Derivatives XML Standing Data files via the Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure (SFTI). These Standing Data files carry the characteristics of each future, option and strategy traded on the Euronext Derivatives Markets as well as basic characteristics of their underlying instruments on the Euronext Cash Markets.

The changes being implemented by the exchange are as follows:

  • Currently, customers access the XDP Derivatives XML Standing Data files in the following ways:
    • FTP Server (IPs ) via a SFTI connection
    • FTP server (IPs via the public internet.
  • Concurrent to the delivery of the XDP Derivatives XML Standing Data files on the new FTP servers, Euronext will stop delivering those files on IP accessible via the public internet and on IP accessible via a SFTI connection.
  • Any customer currently downloading these files using the IP address via SFTI will need to download these files via the new PRODUCTION ( and EUA ( FTP Servers over the internet.
  • Access will only be granted to customers that have one of the following agreements in place with Euronext: Trading Platform Agreement, Market Data Distribution Agreement, Service Provider Agreement or the Euronext Derivatives Reference Data Agreement.
  • Customers are required to contact the Euronext Licensing team at to gain access to the XDP Derivatives XML Standing Data files.

For full details from the exchange, please see the circular here.

TT Impact

  • Customers must contact the exchange at to obtain credentials for access to the new exchange ftp site.  These credentials are required to configure TT Gateway(s) to access the necessary FTP site.
  • In the near future TT will release NYSE_Liffe Gateway 7.17.77 which adds support for the new connectivity. Customer must upgrade to this version prior to May 21st.
  • After the close on May 20th, customers will need to configure their gateways to connect to the new FTP site. Instructions for doing so will be included with the Release Notes.

Should you have any questions, please contact your local TAM.