Server-Based Execution

Ultra-low-latency for high-frequency and automated traders

Capitalize on high-performance proximity-based computing and execution with TT's Strategy Engine (SE) family of server-side execution solutions. They deliver sub-millisecond performance whether the exchange is across the street or around the world. Reacting to market data events and fills in microseconds means gaining a real edge over your competition.

Available Products

Algo SE
Algo Strategy Engine

Algo Strategy Engine (Algo SE), in conjunction with TT’s award-winning ADL™ (Algo Design Lab), presents a revolutionary approach for deploying simple to complex algorithms without complicated programming. Algo SE is based on TT’s Strategy Engine technology, offering high performance with world-class reliability. TT’s ADL and Algo SE let you bring your strategies to market quickly, and execute those strategies with sub-millisecond performance on dozens of exchanges worldwide.
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Autospreader® SE
Autospreader® Strategy Engine

TT’s Autospreader Strategy Engine (Autospreader SE) integrates seamlessly with X_TRADER® with zero learning curve for experienced Autospreader users. You can trade synthetic spreads based on implied price, fixed income convention with fractions, net change, ratio and yield. Autospreader SE facilitates ultra-low-latency spread trading on geographically distant exchange platforms.
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Synthetic SE
Synthetic Strategy Engine

The Synthetic Strategy Engine (Synthetic SE) enables users to create customized synthetic orders based on a wide variety of underlying synthetic order types, including icebergs, slicers, machine guns, trailing stops and limits. With Synthetic SE, traders define and reuse custom synthetic orders from X_TRADER, with both outright and synthetic order book sharing. Learn more



Eliminate Geographic Latency
Eliminate geographic latency

Geographic distance puts even the fastest trading systems at a measurable disadvantage over locally-hosted applications. TT’s Strategy Engine servers are designed to level the geographic playing field, allowing remote traders to compete effectively without being disadvantaged by their location. Now you can simultaneously trade Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia – all with microsecond-level performance from a single trader workstation.

Scalable Server Platform
Scalable server platform

TT’s innovative multithreaded server design allows the Strategy Engine products to handle hundreds to thousands of concurrent strategies, all with blistering performance and unrivaled stability.

Bandwidth Managed and Unfiltered Data – The Best of Both Worlds
Bandwidth managed and unfiltered data – the best of both worlds (TTNET™ customers)

An ever-growing problem in high-frequency trading is managing the vast amount of market data produced by electronic markets. TT’s Strategy Engine products are designed to execute against the exchange’s full, unfiltered market data, meaning your strategy can monitor and respond to every single quote or trade that occurs in any trading session. At the same time, intelligent filtering provides bandwidth-managed market data to the trader’s workstation. This means that traders can execute their strategies in high-volume markets without missing a single tick, while the bandwidth required to support their local workstations is optimally managed, avoiding expensive high-capacity data circuits to the trader’s desktop.

Hosted or Deployed – The Choice is Yours
Hosted or deployed – the choice is yours

You can elect to use the TTNET™ global hosting service, with data centers located in major financial centers worldwide and supported 24 x 7 by expert TT operations staff. Or you can choose to deploy and maintain your own physical network and infrastructure. In either case, you enjoy the benefits of TT’s world-class proximity servers and high-performance trading software. The choice is yours.