Professional platform. Global markets. Broker neutral.

Simultaneously trade multiple markets from one fully-customizable screen with superior speed, stability and accuracy. Single-click order execution and the patented MD Trader® ladder coupled with tools for automated trading, charting and more give traders the edge for optimal trading performance.

New Features in Version 7.17


Route orders through multiple brokers. Learn more

routing rules
Routing Rules

Apply smart order routing across multple accounts.
Learn more

Sniper orders

Silently execute spread orders without quoting.
Learn more

Auto-export fills

Generate fill reports at scheduled time intervals. Learn more

multiple logins
Multiple login

Use single-user login with multiple sets of exchange credentials on a single gateway flavor. Learn more

alerts manager
Alerts Manager

Monitor markets and trading with visual, audible and email alerts. Learn more

wholesale orders
Wholesale Orders

Leverage new user-friendly Wholesale Order window. Learn more

roll contracts
Roll contracts

Roll contracts with two mouse clicks. Learn more

eris exchange
Eris Exchange

Trade swap futures and the invoice spread. Learn more


Superior speed and reliability

Speed matters. But so does reliability. X_TRADER delivers both. Learn more

Industry-leading features and proprietary technologies

From point-and-click to automation, X_TRADER has the best tools to view, analyze and execute. Learn more

Multiple products, asset classes and markets from a single screen

One X_TRADER screen can put thousands of contracts across multiple asset classes from dozens of markets at your fingertips. Learn more

Server-side engines, synthetic order types, autotrading tools and APIs

X_TRADER incorporates all of these sophisticated technologies to execute complex trading strategies with speed and precision. Learn more

New Features in Version 7.12

regulatory control
Regulatory control

Set order-entry price limits. Restrict Time-In-Force use.

Automated trading

Output ADL values to X_TRADER. Identify working orders by color. Manage parent orders in Floating Order Book.


Create and submit reload orders from Market Window.



Training Videos

More about 7.17 and 7.12


Connectivity Options

Connect once, trade everywhere through TTNET™

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