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Issue with Eurex Vola Order Entry

Advisory CA054-16

Issue with Eurex Vola Order Entry

TT is aware of an issue that can prevent customers from placing Eurex Vola trades on Indices via the X_TRADER wholesale window beginning with the Eurex T7 4.0 API upgrade. We are currently working on a resolution, and will release the following software by the end of December to address the issue:

  • Eurex Gateway 7.18.3
  • X_TRADER 7.17.70

PLEASE NOTE: Both X_TRADER and the TT Eurex Gateway will need to be upgraded in order to resolve this issue.

Should you have any questions, please contact your local TAM.

TOCOM and OSE 7.18.5 Pulled from Production Release

Advisory CA053-16

Attached is a translated version of this advisory.


Due to an issue found in testing, we have pulled both OSE 7.18.5 and TOCOM 7.18.5 from production release.  These packages are no longer available for download via the TT website.

We will be re-releasing 7.18.5 versions for both OSE and TOCOM after the outstanding issue has been addressed.

If you have any questions please contact your TAM.

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ICE Russell Futures and Options Contracts – Price Multiplier Reduction

Advisory CA052-16

Effective with the start of trading for trade date Monday, December 5, 2016, the price multiplier for all ICE Russell Futures and Futures Options contracts will be reduced from $100 to $50. All Russell open futures and options positions will be doubled, as will position limits and minimum block trade quantities to compensate for the smaller multiplier on the effective date.

For more information, please refer to the Exchange Notice and FAQs.

TT Impact:

Please ensure that the needed adjustments to risk limits are made in TT User Setup prior to the December 5 trade date to accommodate this change per the ICE exchange

The impacted contracts are:

  • Russell 2000 Futures
  • Russell 2000 Options
  • Russell 1000 Futures
  • Russell 1000 Options
  • Russell 2000 Value Futures
  • Russell 2000 Growth Futures
  • Russell 1000 Value Futures
  • Russell 1000 Growth Futures

Should you have any questions, please contact your local TAM.

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December 5th: SGX: USD/CNH FX Options Launch

Advisory CA051-16

SGX will launch USD/CNH FX options on December 5. To trade these products, customers must apply an updated pMerge file to all SGX Gateways by completing the steps below.  An updated pMerge file is available in the Miscellaneous section of the Download Center on the TT Website, here

  1. Copy this SGX.pmg file to <drive letter>:\tt\config.
  2. Stop GuardServer.
  3. Navigate to <drive letter>:\tt\bin.
  4. Double-click pMerge.exe. The Enter Exchange Name window appears.
  5. Specify the exchange name and flavor and click OK. The Open Guardian product table merge file window appears.
  6. Navigate to <drive letter>:\tt\config and select the SGX.pmg file.
  7. pMerge will update the existing Guardian Product Table with the correct values, then the pMerge status bar will display Finished.
  8. Close the pMerge status bar.
  9. Start GuardServer.

NOTE: The above-listed steps need to be repeated for each SGX Gateway

After pMerge runs, verify the Guardian Product Table contains the following values:

Contract Product Code Point Value
SGX USD/CNH FX Options UC 100000

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