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April 15: New Server Certificates for Eurex Clearing FIXML Interface

Advisory CA017-16

After the close of trading on Friday, April 15th, Eurex will install new SSL/TLS certificates on the AMQP brokers used for the Eurex Clearing FIXML Interface in production, as the current certificates will expire soon. These certificates are used on TT Eurex and GMEX Gateways for FIXML OTC order entry.

For further information from the exchange, see the circular, here.

TT Impact

After the close of trading on April 15th, customers should take the following actions:

Those customers not using TT Eurex and GMEX Gateways for FIXML OTC order entry

  • No actions needed

Those customers who require FIXML order entry on TT Eurex and GMEX Gateways

  • Customers who are running their Eurex gateways on Windows Server 2003 must apply the following hotfix, here

NOTE: Windows Server 2008 and higher do not need this hotfix

  • Customers must upgrade to TT Eurex Gateway 7.17.82 and TT GMEX Gateway 7.17.79, which will be released prior to April 15.

Should you have any questions, please contact your local TAM. 

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