TT® Platform Monthly Service Fees

Exchange Distribution Fees

Exchange Distribution Fees1

Exchange Service Per Market Access Provider
B3: BM&F
ICE2 $500
Euronext2 $418
ICE U.K. Liffe2 $418
LME: NetLine Customer $500
LME: Non-NetLine Customer $1000
Nasdaq Commodities (Display Only)4 $289
Nasdaq Commodities (Display & Non-Display)4 $578
Nasdaq Derivatives (Display Only)4 $289
Nasdaq Derivatives (Display & Non-Display)4 $1,156
ASIA Bursa Malaysia (Non-Display Only)4 $587
HKFE5 $855

1Notwithstanding any other provision in the Agreement, all Exchange Distribution Fees are subject to change immediately without further notice required: (i) if/when an Exchange changes the Market Data or access fees it charges TT; (ii) once annually to the extent based on a non U.S. Dollar currency; (iii) with respect to any Market Data or access fees charged by any new Exchange offered by TT; and/or (iv) TT becomes a vendor of record (or equivalent) on an Exchange.

Exchange Distribution Fees will be charged even where a user is not considered active. All fees and costs listed are exclusive of taxes.

2Based on active connection.

3Per connection.

4Exchange Distribution Fees for Nasdaq and Bursa Malaysia are not limited to Market Access Providers, but rather apply to all firms on the TT platform.

5TT collects an Exchange Distribution Fee for HKFE market data distribution and an HSN Virtual Port Fee. Charge is reduced by $50 when market data is not enabled. Customer remains responsible for all reporting to HKFE.