TTNET Single Broker Fees1

Client Software

X_TRADER® $0.30/side2 capped at $600/month/user
X_TRADER® Pro $0.30/side2 capped at $1,500/month/user3
X_RISK® $500/month per License Key issued to Customer
and X_TRADER® Pro
Transaction Cap For X_TRADER3: $600
For X_TRADER Pro3: $1,500
A. Default – all Futures, Energy Products, Options on Futures and Energy Products* $0.30
B. Fixed Income Cash Instruments $3.00
C. FX Cash (1M Base) $3.00
D. Stocks and ETFs $0.003
E. Options on Stocks and ETFs $0.30
F. Single Stock Futures $0.30
G. Energy Products quoted in MWh (e.g. electricity contracts and continental European gas products)** $0.005/MWh

*Not including Energy Products quoted in MWh – See Section G above.

**Such Energy Products will be billed accordingly provided that TT has programmatic access to information relating to the number of MWh for these Energy Products via the exchange APIs. If an exchange does not provide such information to TT, the Transaction Rates in Section A will apply.

1Hosting and connectivity fees will apply — addressed in Facility Management Agreement. The last user to enter or change an order will be charged for any subsequent fill(s) resulting from such order.

2Transaction rates are for most products. For a complete list of transaction rates, see the table above.

3If a user logs in with both X_TRADER® and X_TRADER® Pro during a calendar month, the X_TRADER® Pro cap will apply to that user for that calendar month.