SFE to Reduce Contract Unit of all ASX New Zealand Electricity Futures and Options

SFE has announced a new date to reduce the contract unit of all ASX New Zealand Electricity Futures and Options contracts from 1 MWh (Megawatt Hour) to 0.1 MWh (ASX Notice 1161.15.10). This change is now targeted to go live on Monday, November 9, 2015. All open positions as of 4:00 pm New Zealand time on Friday, November 6, 2015 will be converted to reflect the lower Contract Unit size (the volume of open positions will be increased by a factor of 10). Refer to the exchange website for the list of affected products. 

TT Impact

  • The point value associated with the affected products will change. Customers must update their Guardian Product Table by applying the attached pMerge file before the start of trading on Monday, November 9th.

To apply the pMerge file, complete the following steps:

  1. Download the latest SFE.pmg file from the TT Download Center to <drive letter>:\tt\config.
  2. Stop GuardServer.
  3. Navigate to <drive letter>:\tt\bin.
  4. Double-click pMerge.exe. The Enter Exchange Name window appears.
  5. Specify the exchange name and flavor and click OK. The Open Guardian product table merge file window appears.
  6. Navigate to <drive letter>:\tt\config and select the SFE.pmg file.
  7. Note: pMerge will update the existing Guardian Product Table with the correct values. After pMerge completes its tasks, the pMerge status bar displays Finished.
  8. Close the pMerge status bar.
  9. Start GuardServer.

Note: The above-listed steps need to be repeated for each SFE Gateway.

 After pMerge runs, verify that the Guardian Product Table contains the following values:

  • The volume of open positions on all the affected products will be increased by a factor of 10. Before the start of trading on Monday, November 9th, customers must manually update their SOD (Start of Day) record(s) to account for this.