ADL® Learning Guide

Find solutions by reviewing frequently asked questions about ADL

Certain questions recur as users go through the process of learning ADL. Before opening a support ticket, look here to see if your question has been answered.

For questions about risk management, please review Risk Management in ADL FAQs.

1. How can I learn more about a specific block?

2. How do I collect ADL log files?

3. Why can't I deploy my algo?

4. Why is the ADL Designer canvas gray?

5. Why can't I see the blocks on the ADL Designer canvas?

6. What happens to my orders if my X_TRADER workstation loses connectivity to the Algo SE server?

7. When I attempted to start an algo from the Algo Dashboard, no orders were placed and I received the following message in the Audit Trail: "AlgoSE is not configured properly for <Gateway>MGT<TTORD>." How do I correct this issue?

8. Why shouldn’t my X_TRADER ever log in to gateways that aren’t connected to Algo SE?

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