TTNET Coalesced Direct Connect Service

A high-bandwidth, highly reliable client connectivity option for co-located TTNET users

This service allows TTNET customers, co-located in the same data center facility as a TTNET environment, to connect their trading network to TTNET via a simple, point-to-point, duplex fiber connection managed by the data center provider.

The Coalesced Direct Connect Service facilitates the use of a number of TTNET-provided services, including global price feeds, order routing, server-hosted algo execution and back-office support.

Because the Direct Connect services exist only in the data center and typically are deployed on passive links between environments, connections of this type are generally more reliable and less expensive than circuits facilitated through a telecommunications provider. The service is available in bandwidth increments of 20 Mbps and can scale up to line rate (1 Gbps) across the same link. This service is offered in unprotected (single link) or protected (redundant) configurations.

Technical Specifications
Physical Interface(s) Link: Single-Mode Fiber
Optics: 1000BASE-LX
Wavelength: 1310 nm
Data Link Protocol 1 Gbps Ethernet
Network Protocol IPv4, BGP
Transport Protocol(s) TCP
Unit Bandwidth 20 Mbps1
Transmit Buffer Depth 256 kB
Shaping Policy Outbound: Shaped to subscribed bandwidth
Inbound: Hard-policed drop to subscribed bandwidth
Congestion Policy Outbound: Tail drop
Inbound: Policed drop
Demarcation Customer network edge equipment or patch panel

No TTNET-owned or managed equipment is required or provided in the customer space

  • Same data center link redundancy.
  • Layer 3 failover via BGP routing protocol.
  • Terminated into different TT hardware.
  • Active/passive configurations only. Load balancing between cross connects is not permitted.
Supported Applications X_TRADER, X_RISK®, X_TRADER API applications, TT API applications, conforming FIX applications
Customer Requirements2

Customer Location
The customer environment must be located within the same data center facility or private campus as the TTNET environment and have data center services with the same provider.

Network Requirements

  • Connections are Single Mode Fiber (SMF) at 1 Gbps
  • Customer must peer with TT via IPv4 Border Gateway Protocol (eBGP)
  • Customer to provide TT with an ASN or accept TT provided private ASN
  • Customer must provide TT with a Transit Network (/30 or /31) for BGP establishment
  • Customer must configure BGP with TT Provided Authentication Key
  • Customer Source IP must be /24 or smaller. TT can accept up to four subnets from the customer
  • Customer can not advertise the prefix to TT
  • Customers must target the TTNET supplied destination IP based on location: 192.81.5x.x
Support and Availability

This service is currently available in Chicago, New Jersey, London and Frankfurt.

Hours of Operation
Sunday 10:00 a.m. Central Time (U.S.) (16:00 GMT) through Friday 4:30 p.m. CT (U.S.) (22:30 GMT)

Please contact your Technical Sales Representative to initiate a quote.

TTNET is responsible for procuring the cross connect from the service provider between the customer location and the TTNET environment.

Monthly Fees

  • Cross-connect Fee: Varies per data center
  • Service Fee: $300 per 20 Mbps of bandwidth3

Non-recurring Fees
Data Center Cross-connect Install Fee: Varies per data center

  1. Scalable in 20 Mbps increments up to 1Gbps.
  2. Customer or client must be a subscriber or user of at least one market access service.
  3. Service fee is doubled for redundant connections.