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Aconfig And System Architecture Documentation

Aconfig Files


In Version 7.X, TT uses two .xml files located in <root drive>:ttconfig to configure many behaviors of your TT Trading System (i.e., both servers and clients):

  • aconfig.xml
  • aconfig_local.xml

You configure these files using the AConfig Utility.


The aconfig.xml file contains the following sets of information:

  • Global default settings for all parameters that get set in the aconfig_local.xml file.
  • Exchange IDs and associated exchange-flavors for TT Gateways.
  • The version number of the file as stored in the RevisionCount parameter.


The aconfig_local.xml contains all non-default settings specific to the machine on which the file resides. Thus, if a parameter does not exist in the aconfig_local.xml file, TT software behaves according to the default setting in aconfig.xml.