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Exchange Aliases


Guardian Versions 7.7.0 and higher allow the user to define and display an exchange alias, next to the exchange name, in Guardian’s Exchange Tree. This can aid administrators in managing different trading environments.

For example, a trading environment may have two AutoSpreaderSE machines with one located in London (e.g., ASE-Y) and the other in New York City (e.g., ASE-Z). The administrator can add an exchange alias to each AutoSpreaderSE (e.g., “London” and “New York”) to populate Guadian’s exchange tree with the geographic location of each server.

Setting an Exchange Alias

To set an alias name, you must manually add an ExchNameAliases section, if not already present, to the aconfig.xml file using a text editor like Notepad. It must appear directly after the </aenum> element in the exchange name (ExchIds) section as shown in the example below.

Each entry under the ExchNameAliases section contains two parameters; the aenumerant value or exchange ID and an auxstr parameter which sets the exchange alias name. To create an alias, you must first look up the exchange ID of the TT Gateway in the ExchIds section of aconfig.xml file. Next, manually add the exchange ID as aenumerant value parameter and exchange alias as auxstr parameter for each TT Gateway as shown in the example below.

Example Creating an Exchange Alias

For ASE-Y and ASE-Z, the exchange IDs equal 859 and 860, respectively. To create the exchange alias, add the highlighted ExchNameAliases section to the aconfig.xml file just after the exchange name list:

<aenum name="ExchIds"> <aenumerant value="0" auxstr="TT"/> <aenumerant value="1" auxstr="Xetra"/> <aenumerant value="2" auxstr="Eurex"/> . . . <aenumerant value="859" auxstr="ASE-Y"/> <aenumerant value="860" auxstr="ASE-Z"/> </aenum>

<aenum name="ExchNameAliases">

<aenumerant value="859" auxstr="London"/>

<aenumerant value="860" auxstr="New York"/>



After manually setting the auxstr parameter with the exchange alias, you must increment the aconfig.xml file’s RevisionCount by one (1) as described in RevisionCount. In addition, you must restart the server for the changes to take effect.