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ADL® Documentation

Learning ADL

Anyone with an interest in trading can learn how to use ADL to develop, test, and execute automated trading algorithms. Although the amount of time needed to become proficient in the application varies from person to person, programmers and traders alike can use ADL® after investing a relatively short amount of time in learning.

Getting Started with ADL

For new users, the Getting Started with ADL section of the help library provides the most comprehensive overview of ADL. This section includes an introduction to the canvas and description of the underlying concepts required to begin developing algos. In addition, the Frequently Asked Questions section provides a high-level overview of ADL.

Embedded Tutorials

Users that feel comfortable learning by test driving ADL can launch embedded tutorials directly within the application. These tutorials provide a step-by-step walkthrough to building different components of larger algos.


Once you have written your algo, the Launching Algos section of the help library and the Algos in X_TRADER Setup Guide provide the information you need to successfully launch and manage algos within X_TRADER.

ADL and Autotrader

Autotrader users that want to leverage the enhanced functionality of ADL should review the Migrating Autotrader Strategies to ADL Guide for more information on replicating and enhancing Autotrader functionality using ADL.

ADL Challenge Exercises

Users who are comfortable using ADL can use the ADL Challenge Exercises to test their knowledge by solving each question. You may then download the exercise answers as algos that open directly in ADL.

Choose your track

Creating Algos

Lists tutorials to help you grasp the fundamental principles of ADL®.

Launching Algos

Covers how to deploy, launch, and manage algorithms.

Challenge Exercises

Provides exercises to help you practice your ADL® skills.