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Breakpoint Functionality

Breakpoint Functionality is a testing tool that allows the user to halt the progress of an algorithm during its execution and then observe each subsequent piece of logic, one at a time. The Breakpoint Functionality can only be used within the Designer. To use the breakpoint functionality, the user must:

  1. Within the Designer canvas, right-click on an output port of a block and then select "Add Breakpoint." A red circle will be placed at the output port, indicating a successful placement. A breakpoint may be placed at any output port, regardless whether the port is continuous or discrete in type.

    Example: Placing a breakpoint

  2. Run the algorithm from the Designer canvas.

    Example: Primed breakpoint

  3. When there is a change in the output value of a port with a breakpoint placed, the breakpoint will be triggered, sending the algorithm into a temporary halt. In the case of a discrete output port, the breakpoint will be triggered when a discrete event message is produced.

    Example: Triggered breakpoint

  4. The user may use the button located at the top portion of the Designer canvas to observe the subsequent piece of logic that takes place downstream from the triggered breakpoint. The canvas will automatically highlight the relevant block at each step.

    Example: Stepping through


The Breakpoints Tab located in the Information Panel (see: ADL Window for more information) will display all breakpoints placed throughout the algorithm. Each line of entry will display the name of the block to which the breakpoint was placed. The user may also double-click on the entry to center the canvas onto the respective block.

Example: Breakpoints Tab in the Information Panel

Each breakpoint can also be removed or disabled.

Removing a breakpoint deletes the point whereas disabling a breakpoint simply renders the point ineffective, meaning it will not be triggered. The user may remove a breakpoint by right-clicking on an output to which a breakpoint was placed and then selecting "Remove Breakpoint."

The user may disable a breakpoint by right-clicking on an output and then selecting "Disable Breakpoint," or, by un-checking the box within the Breakpoints Tab in the Information Panel. Entries representing a disabled breakpoint will display an empty check box: .

Example: Removing a breakpoint