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Single Order Container and Multiplexer Combination

Whenever a trading block (such as an Order Block) submits an order, it retains an Order Key unique to that particular order. The trading block may then output a discrete event message which will carry the Order Key. A Single Order Container may receive the message, and then extract the Order Key to take control of the identified order.


Note: Only the Order Block, Discrete Order Block, Existing Order Block, or an ASE Order Block can provide the required input discrete event message .

  • Single Order Container will modify the managed order according to its price input and quantity input .
  • If the managed order was initially submitted with a stop trigger, the Single Order Container will modify the managed order in accordance with the stop trigger input . However, note that a stop trigger cannot be attached to an order which was originally without a stop trigger
  • The Single Order Container will modify the managed order in accordance with the disclosed quantity input . If the managed order was initially submitted without a disclosed quantity, the Single Order Container can modify the managed order into an exchange-recognized iceberg order.
  • When the true/false input turns TRUE, the Single Order Container will delete the managed order but will not resubmit a new order when reverts to FALSE. If an Order Block generated the initial order message , the Order Block will re-evaluate its inputs to decide whether a new order should be submitted or not. Simply put, the Single Order Container does not have the authority to create new orders.
  • Using the Multiplexer Block in conjunction with the Single Order Container allows for a lower-level control by generating discrete event messages upon receiving a fill, change, or a delete order confirmation from the exchange (respectively, they are output as , , or messages).
  • Single Order Container retains a memory of the fills it achieved since the last activation (i.e., when the last order message triggered the block). The fills remembered by the Single Order Container are shown by the executed quantity output . The working quantity output is calculated according to the following formula: = - .
  • If the user manually deletes or modifies an order controlled by the Single Order Container, it will relinquish control over to the user, but discrete event messages will still be generated from the appropriate output ports at the expected times. If the user pauses and resumes his algorithm, the order container will attempt to re-locate and re-take control of the managed order.
Double-Click Edit Window

Double-click on the respective Multiplexer Block to bring up an edit window:

  • Select Visible Connectors: Additional output ports can be exposed for extended lower-level control.