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Apply for FIX Conformance

Before using your application, TT strongly recommends (and in some cases requires) passing a conformance test.

  1. Download, review and conduct the Conformance Self-Test Instructions.
  2. Upon successful completion of the self tests, create a Conformance Service Request. (If you do not already have a login, you will first be prompted to create one.)
  3. Select the product you are using from the Product drop-down.
  4. Complete the Additional Information field with any additional notes that will be helpful to the conformance team.
  5. Click Attach to attach your completed Conformance Self Test Script.xls file.
  6. Within two business days, a member of the conformance team will contact you with next steps, including a formal conformance test.
Note: At this time, TT API, X_TRADER API, and TT User Setup API development do not require conformance testing.
What Will Conformance Tests Verify?
  • Verifies that all FIX messages sent to the FIX Adapter adhere to TT's FIX rules of engagement.
  • Assures users that FIX Adapter will properly translate the client's FIX messages.

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