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TT User Setup API Overview

Introducing the TT User Setup API

The TT User Setup API provides a programmatic interface to TT User Setup, providing software developers the tools for creating custom applications. For example, a developer could create applications that update risk limits or create a "kill switch" application that turns off trading for a user or account.

Risk management features

You can use the TT User Setup API to create stand-alone applications or applications that integrate with your proprietary risk management systems. For example, events in your internal systems could trigger an update in TT User Setup that would reduce a trader's credit limit.

Other capabilities include the ability to:

  • Set maximum position and order size limits on a per-product basis
  • Turn off trading per account, account group, or user
  • Configure the products that a trader or account is allowed to trade

You could also use the TT User Setup API to obtain current risk limit configurations and to be alerted to updates.

Additional Functionality

You can also create TT User Setup API applications to:

  • Update currency exchange rates
  • Update product margin values
  • Update user properties, such as “TT API allowed”
  • Add and update users’ customer defaults

Integrated API documentation

The TT User Setup API integrates its documentation with Microsoft Visual Studio, so a developer can access information about the API classes and members using Visual Studio’s familiar tools. For example, when adding a method call to the code, the developer can access tool-tip help for that method by hovering over a class, as shown below:

In addition to tool-tip help, developers using the Visual Studio Object Browser can access more detailed information about a member function or property, as shown in the following illustration:

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