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X_TRADER® API, RTD Server and Excel®

Extend. Enhance. Enrich.

You can extend the power of X_TRADER Pro with the X_TRADER API (XTAPI). By tapping into the XTAPI, you can develop custom add-on applications that enhance your electronic trading strategies. Applications developed with the XTAPI can receive real-time market prices and updates, submit and execute orders, receive order and fill information, manage orders in the X_TRADER order book, leverage Excel spreadsheets with Real-Time Data (RTD) and more.

Create custom strategies

The XTAPI allows you to extend your X_TRADER Pro environment with custom trading strategies and decision-making applications. With XTAPI, you can capture split-second opportunities and respond to changing market conditions that would outpace manual actions. You can monitor and react to dozens of markets simultaneously without the need for additional servers, hardware or data circuits. Use XTAPI to integrate your proprietary automated trading strategies while taking advantage of the flexible X_TRADER tools, including market depth ladders, consolidated pre- and post-trade risk management, position keeping, customer and order defaults and more. XTAPI allows you to harness the power of automated trading thorough TT’s robust and feature-rich API.

Build robust applications with the industry-leading API

XTAPI is used by trading firms worldwide for its robustness, flexibility and comprehensive developer support program. Rest assured that your proprietary strategies will execute as designed, when split-seconds matter most, leveraging XTAPI’s unrivaled performance, resiliency and advanced functionality.

Consistent interface across dozens of exchanges

With XTAPI, there is no need to redesign your application to trade new exchanges and markets. Applications developed using XTAPI can be applied to new exchanges without time-consuming modifications. Apply your strategies consistently and effectively to markets worldwide, while enjoying the resiliency and performance of the underlying TT platform.

RTD: Import Real-Time Data into Excel® spreadsheets

XTAPI features a Microsoft Real-Time Data (RTD) server that enables you to import real-time prices, orders and fills directly into Excel spreadsheets, allowing you to customize your X_TRADER Pro environment without complex programming. Whether you are a sophisticated developer wishing to use the advanced programming features of the API, or a less complex user looking to leverage RTD to simply import live prices, orders and fills into your Excel spreadsheet models without programming, RTD and XTAPI deliver the power and flexibility you need to build your custom edge.

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