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Automating And Scheduling Processes Documentation

TT Chron


Each TT Gateway installs the scheduling utility TT Chron (ttchron.exe) as a Windows service. After installation, you must set TT Chron up for Automatic Startup in the Windows Services dialog box. For this procedure, refer to Setting TTChron for Automatic Startup.

Viewing TTChron in Windows Services

To view TTChron in Services:

  1. From the Start menu, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.

    The Control Panel displays.

  2. Double-click Administrative Tools.
  3. Double-click Services.

    The Services dialog box displays.

  4. Scroll down the list in the Services dialog box to locate TT Chron.

TT Chron Functionality

TTChron monitors all sections listed in ttchron.ini such that:

  • For all Job Sections, whenever a process is set to run, TTChron starts the process with any associated arguments. After starting a process in this manner, TTChron does not monitor or try to stop the process.
  • For Server and Service Sections, whenever a process, Windows service, or application is set to run, TTChron starts it with any associated arguments and then monitors its run status:
    • If the process terminates before scheduled to do so, TTChron revives it.
    • If a program is running when it is not scheduled to do so, TTChron terminates it.

TTChron controls programs through the Service Control Manager (SCM) and by using their Process ID (PID) numbers. If you use the Service dialog box to manually stop a TT Gateway process, TTChron will not restart that service until one or the other occurs:

  • You restart TTChron
  • The next scheduled start time (in ttchron.ini)

TTChron writes to a log file named TTChron_MMDDYYYY.log which it saves into <root drive>:ttlogfiles.

Program Failures

Sometimes when a process or service fails, it generates a prompt box that warns the administrator of the error. Until someone closes this prompt box, the process or service does not shut down completely.

To avoid a scenario where a process or service hangs in such a manner (especially if you schedule TTChron to restart the process or service), TTChron automatically closes the prompt box by mimicking a click on the prompt box's OK button. By closing the prompt box, the failed program can fully terminate. TTChron checks for these error messages every five seconds.

Starting TT Chron

If TTChron is stopped for any reason in the Windows Service Control Manager, you can start TTChron in one of two different ways:

  • Using the Desktop icon: Double-click the icon
  • Using the Services dialog box: Right-click TTChron and click Start.