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Autospreader Documentation

Custom Spread Formula

As you type your spread formula in the Custom Spread Formula window, the intellisense-type function automatically populates a list of available parameter settings that can be applied. For example, type the letter “L” and a list of all the legs of the spread will display:

Once a leg is selected, press the period key on the keyboard to display a list of the available parameter settings that can be included in the formula for that leg:

The list of parameters includes:

  • Multiplier: Same function as the per-leg Spread Multiplier setting in the Autospreader Configuration Dialog Box; it weights the value of the leg to calculate the spread price. The formula references the Multiplier value that is set for each leg. For example, if the spread formula includes ‘LegA.Multiplier’, then the Multiplier value set for Leg A is used as part of the formula.
  • Price: The best inside Bid and Offer for that Leg.
  • PriceTicks: The price format of the contact in ticks.
  • SettlementPrice: The previous day's settlement price.
  • SettlementPriceTicks: The previous day's settlement price in ticks.
  • Yield: The price as a percentage representing the annual rate of return. When selected, a new set of per-leg properties appears in the Configuration Dialog Box.

As you type the custom spread formula, there is a periodic check and visual indication of the validity of the current arithmetic operation: