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Autospreader Documentation

Creating a Spread using the Market Grid

To created a new spread from the Market Grid:

  1. Start X_TRADER and open up a connection to the exchange(s) on which the spread product(s) trade.
  2. Select products from the Market Explorer, and open a Market window for those products.
  3. In the Market Grid, click at least two products to select them.


  • Hold down the CTRL key to select multiple products.
  • You can add up to ten legs per spread and actively quote on up to three of the legs.
  1. Right-click on a selected product in the Market Grid to open the context menu.
  2. Click Autospreader.

The Autospreader Configuration dialog box appears.


  • The contracts that form the spread legs populate Autospreader in the order in which they appear in the grid. To change this order, use the leg drop-down list to select a different contract.
  • If needed, you can manually expand the size of the Autospreader Configuration dialog box to view as many legs as possible. Or, you can use the horizontal scroll bar to view and edit the other legs.
  1. Set the spread parameters in the Autospreader Configuration dialog box. Refer to the Using the Configuration Dialog Box.
  2. Click OK.

The Autospreader Manager dialog box opens.

  1. From the Autospreader Manager dialog box, click the spread you want to trade to highlight it.
  2. Click Launch.

Autospreader opens with the selected spread and you can begin trading.

You successfully created a new spread from the Market.