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The Working Orders Pane Field Descriptions

The Working Pane displays working hedge orders and contains buttons where users can take manual action on hedge orders.

By default, once hedge orders fill or are deleted, the rows persist in the Working pane until you remove them manually. The Autospreader tab on the Properties menu lets you uncheck the property that makes filled and deleted hedge order rows persist. Refer to the Autospreader Properties Tab in the X_TRADER Help System.

In addition, you can click and drag the column headings to reorder them, and save the new arrangement to your workspace.

The Working pane window has the following columns:

Spread and Leg



The name of the spread associated with the hedge order.


The contract name of the working hedge order.


  • The Buy orders appear in blue. Sell orders appear in red.
  • The Spread and Leg cells are shaded dark gray when the hedge order is under the control of an automated rule.
Working Details



The current working quantity of the hedge order.

  • When the order completely fills, the cell displays Filled.
  • When the order is deleted, the cell displays Deleted.


The current price of the working hedge order. A dark gray background indicates the price on the order just changed. You can turn this setting off or change the duration on the Autospreader tab on the Properties menu.

Ticks Away

The positive number of price levels needed to fill the entire hedge order.

Example: Assume the unfilled hedge order is a resting bid for 20 contracts at the inside market price of 100. Assume the inside offer price is 101 with a quantity of 10, and the next offer price is 102 with quantity 30. Given these assumptions, ticks away would be 2, which is to say "this order is two ticks away from what it would take to completely fill your order."

Total Qty

The size of the initial order. This does not update.

Tip: Subtract Working from Total Qty to get your number of partial fills.


The Site Order Key (SOK) of the parent spread.

Action Buttons

Note: For Payup, Cross Inside and Fill w/Limt, the button is yellow when there is enough volume to fully fill the working hedge order. If there is not enough volume, the button turns gray.



A button that deletes the working hedge order.


A button that launches MD Trader with the working hedge order.


A button that cancels the working hedge order and replaces it with a limit order working at the payup price you specify.

The spinner control to the right has a default value of 1. You can change payup tick values in positive or negative ticks. Then, you must click the Payup button to resend the hedge order at the payup price.

Cross Inside

A button that sends a Limit order for the total size of the working hedge order to cross at the best inside market price.

If market liquidity is less than the size of the working hedge order, you can still send the hedge. When this occurs, the order fills as much as possible and remains resting at the price level the order was sent.

Fill w/Lmt

A button that sends a Limit order to for the total size of the working hedge order at the price level that would sweep the market of available liquidity.

If market liquidity is less than the size of the working hedge order, you can still send the hedge. When this occurs, the order fills as much as possible and the order remains resting in the market.

Clear Rows

A button at the top of the screen that permanently removes all rows containing non-working Filled or Deleted orders from the Working Orders pane.

Hidden columns


The computer that submitted the order:

  • TT: Your desktop
  • ASE: An Autospreader SE server

Del All

A button that deletes all working orders and all quoting orders associated with the parent Spread Order Key.

Example: Assume that the Working Orders pane contains two rows representing working hedge orders for the same parent spread order. If you click the Del All button in one of the rows both spread orders are deleted, including all quoting and hedge orders.

TTOrder Key

A TT generated unique number used to track orders.