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Autospreader Documentation

Using the Autospreader Leg Panes

Autospreader spread pane is identical in function and display to MD Trader. (See MD Trader Field Descriptions in the X_TRADER Help System)

However, whenever you trade the spread, all working orders in the leg panes have a vertical color bar on the left side of the Working Quantity column. This color bar designates the working order as being part of the spread and uses the Leg Color ID you assigned to the particular spread you are trading in the Autospreader Configuration dialog box.


  • Hedge orders are color-coded in a non-standard orange color. This color is not configurable. When there is more than one color at a given price level, you will see the color black, to indicate overlap.
  • Autospreader does not support restricted orders. The controls are disabled on the Spread pane and the Trading tab on the Properties menu.