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Autospreader Documentation

Using the Autospreader Spread Pane

Autospreader spread pane is identical in function and display to MD Trader. (See MD Trader Field Descriptions in the X_TRADER Help System)

Use the Spread pane to trade your legs in the appropriate markets. Trading via the Spread pane is identical to placing trades using MD Trader. However, Autospreader uses the parameters you set in the Autospreader Configuration dialog box to determine the prices at which the legs are traded.

You can also access the Hedge Manager window from the MD Trader spread pane, and select whether to run the spread from your desktop or from a specified server (ASE, ASE-B, etc.).

The following MD Trader properties do not apply in the Spread pane of Autospreader: 

  • Show Customer Account Name
  • Enable Order Types properties
  • Liquidate
  • Display Average Price of Position