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Autospreader Documentation

Trading in the Market Grid

You can view and trade your Autospreader spreads in the Market Grid. To do so, drag and drop your spreads from the Autospreader Manager window into the Market Window.

Once in the Market Grid, Autospreader spreads are grouped together and displayed below all other Product Types.

You can trade your spreads using the Order Entry and Floating Order Entry panes. In addition, with the Top of Book color property enabled in the Trading tab, your spread orders will highlight when a working leg order is at the inside market.


  • When you highlight an Autospreader spread in the Market Grid, any Order Entry features that do not apply are disabled.
  • You can only drag and drop spreads in the Market Grid from the Autospreader Manager window.
  • The Depth option in the Market Grid is disabled for rows containing Autospreader spreads.
  • Selecting MD Trader from the Market Grid context menu will only launch the MD Trader for the spread and not the legs. To launch the spread and leg orders, use the Autospreader Manager window.
  • You can display a spread in Market Grid and enable and use Settings from the spread's MD Trader.
  • Context menu options that are not applicable, such as launching Quote Board, are disabled.
  • You can change customers for a spread in the Market Grid by using the Customer Selection List.