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Autospreader Documentation

Trading on an Autospreader Strategy Engine

The Autospreader Manager window gives you the option of launching your spreads on and trading from an Autospreader Strategy Engine (Autospreader SE).

Autospreader SE is a server-class product designed to reduce latency when performing user-defined synthetic spread trading. By placing servers in close geographic proximity to the markets being traded, Autospreader SE contributes to reduced legging and more successful synthetic spread fills.

Before you can trade from Autospreader SE, you must log on to it. You log on to it the same way you log on to a TT exchange gateway.

  • Logging on to an Autospreader SE

To log on to an Autospreader SE:

  1. In the bottom right-hand corner of your desktop, in the system tray, double-click the icon.
  2. From the Guardian menu bar, click the File menu and choose Trader Login.

The TT Exchange Login dialog box appears.

  1. Select the Autospreader SE server from the Exchange List.
  2. Enter the login data provided by your X_TRADER Administrator.
  3. Click Login.

After your password is authenticated, a checkmark appears in the box to the left of the Autospreader server name.

  1. Click Close.
  2. From the Guardian menu bar, click the File menu and choose Exit to exit Guardian.

You successfully logged into an Autospreader SE.

  • Launching a spread on an Autospreader SE

To launch a spread on an Autospreader SE:

  1. From the Control Panel, click the Window menu and choose Autospreader.

- or -

From the Control Panel, click the icon.

The Autospreader Manager dialog box appears.

  1. From the Manager window, click to select one of the configured spreads.
  2. Click the Specific Server radio button.

The highlight bar over your configured spreads changes from the default color to green.

  1. If you are logged onto more than one Autospreader SE, select the appropriate server from the drop down list.
  2. Choose which window to launch the spread into and whether you want to launch the corresponding legs.

  1. Click Launch.

Autospreader opens with the selected spread on the Autospreader SE.

You successfully launched a spread on an Autospreader SE.


  • Spread orders cannot be submitted from the desktop Autospreader until it has received confirmation from the server. The MD Trader quantity controls and the Market Grid contract row appear maroon to indicate the non-tradable state until the confirmation is received.
  • All spreads launched onto a server display the server name as a part of the spread name. For example, the spread "ES_NQ" launched to the server "ASE-A" will display as "ASE-A ES_NQ."
  • Spread configurations can run on multiple servers as well as on the local client at the same time.
  • You can save the spread and the server you launch it on as a part of your workspace. When you open the workspace, all spread configurations automatically relaunch on the appropriate servers.
  • All Autospreader spreads launched onto an Autospreader SE will use the X_TRADER global property settings that apply to Autospreader. This includes the Implied settings.

For more information on Autospreader SE, including its architecture, installation and configuration, refer to The Autospreader Strategy Engine SAM.

In general, traders should not use Algo SE as a replacement for Autospreader SE. However, there are only two conditions under which you should use Algo SE for launching spreads:

  • The trader is using ADL® to submit Autospreader SE orders, and wishes to have the ability to manually trade out or submit an Autospreader order as a complement to his ADL-driven spread trading, or
  • The trader requires the Avoid Orders That Cross functionality for Autospreader orders. Autospreader SE does not support this X_TRADER property, whereas Algo SE does. Thus, prior to the release of Algo SE, traders wishing to use this functionality were restricted to running their Autospreader orders from their X_TRADER desktop computers. With Algo SE, these traders may now launch and submit Autospreader spread orders to an Algo SE, since it will abide by the Avoid Orders That Cross setting in X_TRADER.