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Autospreader Documentation

Using Do Not Hedge

In the Dynamic Settings tabs, the Do Not Hedge option lets you determine whether to send hedge orders while Autospreader orders are working.

Autospreader is designed to send a hedge order into the other legs of the spread upon a quoting order fill depending on your spread ratio. With Do Not Hedge enabled, hedge orders will not get sent after quoting order fills.

Example: Your spread configuration is setup to trade a 5 x 5 spread ratio and you enter a spread order quantity of 1. You enable the Do Not Hedge setting in the Dynamic Settings tabs. You receive a partial fill of 3 lots in a quoting leg, but with Do Not Hedge enabled, a hedge order for 3 lots is not sent in the other leg. While the spread is working, you disable the Do Not Hedge setting. You receive a 2 lot fill in a quoting leg and a hedge order for 2 lots is sent in the other leg