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Using Dynamic Payup Ticks

The Dynamic Settings tabs lets you enter and apply Payup Ticks to a working Autospreader order that override your current Payup Ticks settings. Payup Tick values can be between -99 and 99.

Overview of Dynamic Payup Ticks Characteristics:

  • When in use, the Dynamic Settings tabs override the Payup Ticks setting on the Autospreader Configuration window or sidebar on the Autospreader MD Trader spread pane.
  • Any leg can be assigned to either hot key, but only two legs can be assigned per spread.
  • The hot keys for Dynamic Payups are F2 and F11, which work as toggle switches each time you press the key.
  • The background color on the Payup Ticks field turns yellow when the Dynamic Payup Tick is in use.
  • Changing focus to another window while Dynamic Payups are enabled, disables the hotkeys.

Setting Up Dynamic Payup Ticks

To set up Dynamic Payup Ticks:

  1. Right-click the Autospreader MD Trader spread pane to open the context menu and click Dynamic Settings.
  2. In the Dynamic Settings tabs, click to select the Enable Dynamic Payup Ticks checkbox.
  3. Set the number of Payup Ticks you want to use with each function key and select a spread leg.

    Note: Alternatively, this value can be linked from Excel. (Refer to Linking to the Payup Ticks field)

Applying Dynamic Payup Ticks

To apply Dynamic Payup Ticks:

  1. Choose the spread leg to which Payup Ticks will be applied.
  2. Press the function key (F2 or F11) that corresponds to the number of Payup Ticks you want to use.

    The Payup Ticks field turns yellow, indicating the dynamic payup ticks are active.

  3. To deactivate the dynamic payup ticks, press the function key (F2 or F11) again.

    The Payup Ticks field is no longer yellow, indicating Autospreader has discontinued using your Dynamic Payup Ticks.

Linking to the Payup Ticks field

To link to the Payup Ticks field:

  1. Copy a cell from Excel.
  2. Right-click in the Spread pane and click Dynamic Settings.

    The Dynamic Settings tabs appear.

  3. Right-click in the Payup Ticks field under the function key you want to paste the cell.
  4. Click Past Link.