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Autospreader Documentation

What’s New in 7.17?

The new Configuration Dialog has been streamlined and several parameter settings have been removed or relocated in X_TRADER®. For more details, refer to Autospreader Features and Parameter Changes in X_TRADER 7.17 .

As part of X_TRADER 7.17, Autospreader also includes the following enhancements and changes:

  • X_TRADER 7.17 introduces a new Autospreader Configuration Dialog Box with the ability to create custom spread formulas and view spreads in an MD Trader® spread preview ladder. Autospreader configuration parameters have also been regrouped in the configuration dialog box. Refer to Configuration Dialog Box Field Descriptions.
  • In conjunction with a new X_TRADER ASP ASP environment in TTNET, X_TRADER 7.17 users can route orders to multiple brokers from the same X_TRADER or Autospreader MD Trader instance. Refer to Using the Autospreader Spread Pane Side-Bar.
  • From one Autospreader MD Trader, you can now select different brokers and customer accounts for each leg of your spread, as well as apply Payup Ticks to the legs and set Queue Holder orders and Reload Offset. Refer to Using the Autospreader Spread Pane Side-Bar.
  • The Sniper order type has been added for trading spreads. Refer to Using Sniper Orders.
  • The Do Not Hedge and Send Market Order actions have been added to the Hedge Rule Builder and Rules Pane as a replacement for previously configured functionality. Refer to .

Enhancements in 7.17.30

Autospreader 7.17.30 and higher includes an enhancement that allows both X_TRADER Pro and regular X_TRADER users to edit existing spread definitions. This enhancement allows all users to view updated spreads in X_STUDY and properly open workspaces containing spreads.

Note: You must use X_TRADER Pro to launch spreads. In addition, Autospreader requires X_TRADER Pro to support dragging-and-dropping spreads into MD Trader and/or Market Grid windows.