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Linking Theoreticals to Autotrader

Autotrader allows you to link in any program that generates theoreticals as long as it conforms to the OLE standard (e.g., Excel spreadsheets). In this manner, you can create profiles that base their bid and ask offsets on theoretical prices that you import to the Theo Prices section in the grid .

At times, theoretical pricing models can generate results that do not line up accurately with the ticking of a product. In this case, Autotrader rounds its values when submitting to the market.

Tip: To automatically open Excel with a saved workspace, create links from Autotrader to Excel. If you only have links from Market Grid to Excel, the links save but do not automatically open Excel with a workspace.

To link theoreticals to Autotrader:

  1. Open the theoretical generator that generates the values you want to link to Autotrader.
  2. Locate the cells in the theoretical generator that contain the theoretical values that you want to link to Autotrader.
  3. Open Autotrader.
  4. Populate Autotrader with the contracts you want to trade.
  5. To use imported Theoreticals in determining your bids and offers, assign a profile that has a Profile Base Price of Single Theo or Bid/Ask Theo.
  6. In the theoretical generator, right-click the cell that you want to copy into Autotrader.
  7. Click Copy.
  8. In Autotrader, right-click on the cell in which you want to create the Excel link, point to Links and click Paste.

The cell now hosts the OLE link to Excel.

  1. To use these theoretical values in the future, save your workspace .

You have successfully linked theoreticals to Autotrader.