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Rounding Results

When using formulas and theoreticals, Autotrader rounds according to the following rules:

  • Bids and Asks round away from the market (i.e., Bids down and Asks up)
  • If a product ticks in fractions and a resulting value pushes the Bid or Ask into the next whole tick value, Autotrader rounds the value based on the whole tick.

When using negative numbers for spread prices, use offsets in the Profile Setup Page or Excel. Do not use the Formula Bar.

Example 1:

The market ticks in halves. Autotrader receives a value of 3.75: 

  • When submitting Asks, Autotrader rounds to 4.
  • When submitting Bids, Autotrader rounds to 3.5.

Example 2:

The market ticks in 32nds and is currently at 3 and 30 (330). Autotrader receives an Ask offset of +3.3 from a theoretical pricing engine.

The offset generates an invalid tick price of 333.3. But, Autotrader converts the number into the valid tick number of 401.