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Using Formulas

You can type a formula into any cell in Autotrader that uses numeric values. These cells include:

  • The Scratch section. Use when your Profile Base Price is set to Direct Order Entry.
  • The Profile Parameters section in the grid.
  • Any numeric cell in the Profile Setup Page. (e.g., offsets, quantities, allowances, maximum position, and market improve limit)
  • Any cell in the Theo Prices or Formula sections.

Warning! Do not use formulas with ticks. If you need to offset your values by ticks (i.e., =mbidprc-3), use the offset functionality on the Profile Setup Page.

To enter formulas in Autotrader:

Note: If entering a formula in the Formula section in Autotrader, see Using Formulas for the proper procedure.

  1. Click the cell for which you want to generate a dynamic value.
  2. Type the formula using the standard program syntax and information. (See Types of Formulas)
  1. If you need to reference a cell:

Reference cells in the same row by their column name (e.g., wBidPrc, sBidPrc, etc.)

- or -

Reference cells in other rows by the column letter followed with no space by the row number or row name. (see the Row Identifier or Control Sections respectively)

Note: Enable Column Headers using the Select Rows option in the Autotrader™ Using the Autotrader Context Menu.

  1. Exit the cell.

Once you type the formula and exit the cell, Autotrader begins to generate values for that cell.

You have successfully entered formulas in Autotrader.