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Saving Excel Spreadsheets in a Workspace

When linking Excel spreadsheets to Autotrader, you can save the Excel spreadsheet and all of its stored information within your workspace. When saved in the proper order, opening a workspace also opens the Excel spreadsheet.

You must have the X_TRADER module that hosts the link (i.e. Autotrader) and the Excel spreadsheet (or appropriate OLE compatible program) open to perform this action.

Tip: To automatically open Excel with a saved workspace, create links from Autotrader to Excel. If you only have links from Market Grid to Excel, the links save but do not automatically open Excel with a workspace.

To save Excel spreadsheets into your workspace:

Tip: If you opened a new Excel worksheet, save and rename the worksheet before you begin linking cells. X_TRADER uses the worksheet name to associate the link.

  1. After Linking Excel Spreadsheets, save your workspace.
  2. When you shutdown for the day, close X_TRADER first and click Yes if you are prompted to save changes.
  3. Close the Excel application and click No if you are prompted to save changes.
  4. When you next open X_TRADER, log onto the same exchange, and then open a workspace.

    The Excel spreadsheet with all the associated links and working formulas automatically opens on your desktop.

  5. If you are prompted to update links, click Yes.

You successfully saved Excel spreadsheets into your workspace.