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Submitting a Manual Order with the Scratch Pad

To submit manual orders via the Scratch Pad, you must either:

  • Assign the row to a profile with a Profile Base Price set to Direct Order Entry.

- or -

  • Set the row to Manual in the Control section.

To submit orders manually:


  • In Steps 1 - 4 below, you can use formulas or Excel links to generate your prices and quantities.
  • In Steps 2 - 3, you can copy current market prices to your sBidPrc and sAskPrc cells using the option called Copy Market Prices in the Using the Autotrader Context Menu. Open the context menu in the row containing your Scratch Pad setup and market prices.
  1. In the sBidQty column, type the quantity you want to bid.
  2. In the sBidPrc column, type the price at which you want to bid.
  3. In the sAskPrc column, type the quantity you want to offer.
  4. In the sAskQty column, type the price at which you want to offer.
  5. In the Control Bar, click Update Orders.
  6. If at any time you want to resubmit your working orders, click Update Orders.
  7. If you want to adjust your orders (price or quantity) repeat this procedure.

You successfully submitted orders manually.

Warning! If the row is assigned to a profile with Direct Order Entry as its Profile Base Price and is set to Auto, Autotrader automatically updates your working orders.