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Autotrader™ Documentation

Using the Control Bar

Use the Control Bar to perform these procedures:

To enable the Autotrader grid:

Click ON.

You successfully enabled the Autotrader grid.

To disable the Autotrader grid:

Click OFF.

Autotrader stops interacting with the market and deletes its working orders from the market.

You successfully disabled the Autotrader grid.

To reset your position:

  1. Click a cell in the row that has the contract you want to hedge.
  2. In the Reset box, type the number of contracts that you want to hedge for that row.
  3. Click Reset Open Position.

You successfully reset your position. Use the Managing Your Position dialog box to remove a hedged position.

To delete all of your orders:

Clear the Selected Orders option and then click Delete Selected Orders.

- or -

Click OFF.

You successfully deleted all of your orders.

To update all of your orders:

  1. Ensure the Selected Orders option is not selected.
  2. Click Update Orders.

Autotrader submits orders for all active rows whose parameters determine an order be submitted.

You successfully updated all of your orders.

To delete or update selected orders:

  1. Click to select Selected Orders.

The Delete and Update Orders buttons change to only affect selected orders.

  1. To select a row, click Active checkbox at the beginning of the row.
  2. Click either Update Selected Orders or Delete Selected Orders.

You successfully deleted or updated selected orders.

To edit parameters using the Increase and Decrease arrows:

  1. Select the cell that contains an editable numeric value.

Note: To clone multiple rows, press and hold the CTRL key and continue clicking rows.

  1. To increase the numeric value(s) by one, click .  
  2. To decrease the numeric value(s) by one, click

You successfully edited parameters.

To edit a row's parameters using the Formula bar:

  1. Select the cell that contains an editable value (numeric or formula).

Note: You cannot select multiple cells.

  1. At the bottom of the Control Bar, click in the Formula Bar:

  1. Type the new value or formula that you want to assign to the cell.
  2. Press the ENTER key.

You successfully edited a row's parameters.