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BrokerTec Gateway Documentation

BrokerTec User Names


Example User Names



The recommended number of TTOs assigned to each BrokerTec Gateway is eight.


All the users of the BrokerTec Gateway have a standard user name that consists of a common root (e.g., Root1). The root name along with the number of TTOs assigned to the Gateway is used to generate the user names of all the users. The naming convention used for all BrokerTec user names is TTX_RootName_XX.


This standard naming convention applies only to the BrokerTec user name and the user’s BrokerTec Signature (TraderID).

The user name consists of two parts. First, each user name starts with one of the following known identifiers, where TTX is:

  • TTP_ : The Price connection user (TTP)
  • TTF_ : The Fill & Order update user (TTF)
  • TTO_ : The Order connection user (TTO)

The identifier is then followed by the root name that is assigned by BrokerTec along with a naming convention in place to identify each user, or RootName_XX, where XX is a two-digit sequence number. The numbers start with 01.