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BrokerTec Gateway Documentation

Preparing to Install

Customer Tasks

Before the BrokerTec Gateway is installed, the customer must perform the following tasks:

  • Set up and prepare a network connection to BrokerTec, either via the Internet or a direct connection. BrokerTec supports customer’s VPN solutions.
  • Obtain connection information from BrokerTec, including a TTF, TTP, eight TTOs. The customer must supply to BrokerTec the number of traders for which they need connection information. The connection information comprises unique sets of:
    • Connection information for each direct trader connecting to the Exchange
    • TTF connection information
    • Connection information for the Price Server
    • Connection information for the Order Server
  • Work with the Exchange to enable user IDs for the BO23 broadcast and the IQ18 and CQ59 queries.
  • Successfully telnet to each of the IP addresses and ports that BrokerTec distributes. You perform the telnet tests to verify network connectivity to BrokerTec host servers.

You must work with the exchange to enable the BO23 broadcast and verify support for the IQ18 and CQ59 queries for your user IDs.

The Gateway will only function if the user IDs are properly enabled at the exchange.

Installer Tasks

As the installer, you must perform the following tasks:

  • From the customer, obtain the connection information used by the Price and Order Servers.
  • If the BrokerTec Gateway is dual-homed, identify the IP address of the Network Interface Card (NIC) that faces BrokerTec’s network.
  • From the customer, obtain all membership connection information for the memberships that use the BrokerTec Gateway. These values are distributed by BrokerTec to the customer. Refer to Configuring the Hostinfo.cfg File for a list of all required values.