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BVMF Gateway Documentation

Network Configurations

Direct Market Access (DMA) Models

BVMF Gateways can be deployed in one of four exchange-supported network configurations for direct market access (DMA) to the UMDF and EntryPoint platforms. The four DMA access models are:

  • Model 1, Traditional DMA: Provides access to the exchange by connecting through the brokerage firm’s network.
  • Model 2, DMA Provider Access: Network access via a DMA service provider (e.g., TTNET) which uses it’s own infrastructure to connect to the exchange.
  • Model 3, Direct Connection: In this model, firms or DMA Traders connect directly to the RCB or RCCF2 networks for access to BVMF.
  • Model 4, Co-location: Customer orders are generated by an automated trading system (ATS) hosted on a server that is co-located with the exchange host and matching engine.

Examples: DMA Network Diagrams

Networks deploying BVMF Gateways in a DMA configuration can directly access the exchange’s UMDF and EntryPoint platforms. The following diagram shows a BVMF Gateway used for traditional DMA Access Model 1.

The following shows an example of DMA Access Model 2. Traders connect to the RCB or RCCF2 network using a DMA Provider’s infrastructure, but still maintain a logical link to the broker’s network for risk management


The following diagram shows DMA Access Model 2 using TTNET as the DMA service provider. Traders access the exchange using TTNET’s proximity hosted network, and TTNET’s gateways are co-located with the exchange host and matching engine in their Sao Palo data center.