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CFE Gateway Documentation

Network Configurations

Network Overview

The CFE Gateway provides access to the CFE exchange products via the CBOEdirect FIX 2.0 electronic trading platform by connecting to the FIX API.

CFE Connectivity Options

You can use the same lines for the CFE Gateway that you are currently using to connect the CBOE Gateway. However, if you are a new CFE customer, you will need to order lines from a service provider.

Indirect connectivity options include:

  • ISV network (e.g., TTNET).
  • Third-party vendors. If you select a 3rd party vendor’s network for connectivity to the CFE routing and trading engines, you can choose from a list of vendors provided on the exchange website.

Connectivity to CFE Bats (CFE Gateway 7.18)

This section provides the connectivity guidelines from the exchange for CFE Bats.   


For locally hosted TT customers who maintain their own physical connectivity to CFE, refer to the following

  • The customer is responsible for the logical ports associated with TT, and is responsible for making the request to add, delete and modify logical ports associated with TT.
  • The customer will validate that all logical ports have desirable default port settings.  Default ports settings can be viewed on the CFE/Bats Customer Web Portal by utilizing the “Ports” tool.       
  • The customer will order certification ports using the “Logical Port Request” tool available in the Customer Web Portal and will complete certification for the TPH.

For TT-hosted customers:

  • TT owns the physical connectivity, but the customer will be responsible for one or more logical ports associated with TT.  
  • The customer is responsible for making requests to add, delete, or modify logical ports in this scenario and is responsible for logical port fees associated with these ports.
  • The customer will work with Registration Services (registration@cboe.com – 312.786.7449) to ensure they have authorized Account Administrator(s) designated to allow for approval of user access to the Customer Web Portal on their behalf.  The Customer Web Portal’s “Request Portal Account” page is available to Account Administrators to assign user permissions for tools defined within the US Customer Web Portal Specification    
  • The customer will work with the CFE Trade Desk (cfetradedesk@cboe.com – 312.786.8700) to have logical ports created under TT.  Requests for production logical ports should be submitted using the “Logical Port Request” tool on the Customer Web Portal, with notes in the request that state which TT port to associated to and which EFIDs should be associated to the new port.  EFIDs associated to logical ports can be confirmed via the “Ports” tool in the Customer Web Portal.
  • CFE provides customers with a “Backup IP” address when issuing credentials. Please note that this is the connection detail for access to the Chicago Disaster Recovery datacenter and not to be used outside of a DR scenario.