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CFE Gateway Documentation

Supported Order Types


This section lists order types supported by the CFE Gateway. For a list of order types supported by X_TRADER®, refer to the X_TRADER® User Manual.


The following table lists the various order types that a user can submit through the CBOE Exchange.

Supported Order Types
SupportOrder Types

Native (Exchange supports)

Market and Limit GTC

Market and Limit FOK

Market and Limit IOC

Market and Limit GTD

Stop Limit

Stop Market

Synthetic (TT Gateway supports)

The CFE Gateway supports Custom Market orders.

  • Stop Limit orders are only valid for the SFX product.
  • The exchange does not support GTC orders for calendar spreads.
  • For Custom Markets, only Good Till Day Limit orders are valid.
  • Market Limit (MLM ) orders are not supported on Inter-Product spreads.