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Installer Task Checklist


This section lists the tasks that must be completed by the installer.




If you have TT products of Version 7.X already installed on the network, you must obtain the aconfig.xml file from one of the machines that hosts the 7.X software. This can be from any 7.X machine on your network.

Review the Release Notes for the TT Gateway.

Obtain login information:

  • The Windows Server Administrator login information for all machines on which you want to install TT software.
  • All member, group, and trader login information (IDs and passwords) used to access the exchange.
  • Determine the TT Administrator logins and passwords that the customer wants to use on the TT Gateway.

If the client’s policy does not allow access to trader IDs and passwords, someone who knows them must be available at the time of installation to enter them into the Windows User Authentication System (WUAS). Because the WUAS stores passwords in an encrypted format, TT personnel cannot read them.

Identify what sort of TT software disaster recovery setup you want to implement, if any.

Verify that the license file lists the correct exchange name and static IP address of the TT Gateway. If you are installing additional TT client applications, verify that these are also listed.

If necessary, configure TT machines to communicate across your networks.

Obtain the most recent TT Gateway software