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CME Gateway Documentation

Configuring Multiple NIC Setup


When connecting to the MDP platform, customers can set up their CME Gateway so that multiple NICs (two or more) face the CME Group’s network. Using this physical setup, customers can then route MDP feeds over specific NIC IP addresses.

By default the fast.cfg file splits each channel into two feeds: A and B, which is ideal for two CME Group-facing NICs (one to support Feed A and the other to support Feed B). However, you must edit the file if you:

  • Use more than two CME Group-facing NICs, and thus want to create more than two MDP feeds
  • Want to maintain two feeds but name them something other than A and B.

To route MDP Feeds using multiple CME Group-Facing NICs:

  1. Identify CME Group-facing NIC IP Addresses.
  2. Create a unique label (e.g., A, B, C, D) for each NIC IP address.
  3. Using Notepad, open hostinfo.cfg located in <root drive>:ttconfig.
  4. In the [price_session] section, on a unique line, configure NetworkInterfaceFeed*=IP


    • * is the unique label you assigned the IP address. If you only use two CME Group-facing NICs, assign the first parameter A and the second parameter B.
    • IP is the IP address of the NIC through which you want to assign one or more MDP feeds
  5. Repeat Step 4 for each CME Group-facing NIC.
  6. If you only use two NICs and use feed labels A and B, stop this procedure; otherwise, continue to the next step.
  7. If you have more than 2 CME Group-facing NICs, or want to use feed labels other than A and B, using Notepad, open the fast.cfg located in <root drive>:ttconfig.
  8. In each [fastInterface] section, edit the AddressFeed* parameters to include the new feed labels that you created.

    Including the feed label in parameter name routes that feed through the network interface assigned to that feed in Step 4.

Example - Dual CME Group-Facing NICs Setup

To use two CME Group-facing NICs with the addresses and, open HostInfo.cfg and configure the following two parameters in the [price_session] section:



The TT Gateway routes through the NIC with IP address all data received from IP addresses listed in AddressFeedA in fast.cfg. The TT Gateway routes through the NIC with IP address all data received from IP addresses listed in AddressFeedB in fast.cfg.

Diagram - Dual CME Group-Facing NICs

The following diagram illustrates a setup that includes two CME Group-facing NICs and how the TT Gateway routes data based upon the contents of hostinfo.cfg and fast.cfg.